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Tyger Films - Sierra Pacific Video - The Diamond Stud
The story of a rock star: Diamond Stud.
In my opinion, Steven Marks is extreme eye-candy.  Rick Thomas is quite good as a rock star with flair, and he is also adorable, because he is always telling Marks “Suit yourself” when Marks is hesitant to abandon his straight life.  The auto-fellatio scene is not only amazing – It’s also fun to watch.  The romantic finish reminded me of the wonderful last scene of “Buckleroos”.  

1. Steven Marks, Alex Eingang, Rick Thomas
Mack (Steven Marks) is the new bodyguard for rock singer Diamond Kincaid (Rick Thomas, the Diamond Stud).  Mack is in the dressing room before the singer goes on stage and Merle (Eingang), the dresser emerges from under the table where he is giving Stud a blowjob.  Stud starts to perform, and Mack returns to the dressing room where a video of the performance is playing.  He asks Merle if he and the Diamond Stud are an item.   Merle says no, he (Merle) is in love with himself.  Actually, he sucks his own dick, and he proceeds to give Mack a demonstration.  Mack is very interested, despite the photo of his two cute kids in his wallet.  Merle performs memorable auto-fellatio for the camera, but not before he helps Mack shoot a load into his own mouth.  Video of Stud nude above the waist plays the whole time.

2. Rick Thomas, Rusty Samuels
Stud’s manager Buddha (Richard Locke) tells Mack they have hired a callboy (Rusty Samuels) for the Stud, and Mack needs to keep an eye on them from the bedroom above.  Stud and the callboy have sex in the Stud’s bedroom, and Mack jacks off looking through the one-way glass.  Stud gets a condom and callboy starts to put it on his dick but Stud tells him it’s the wrong dick.  Callboy says it will cost him extra.  Stud says “Bill me” and winks at his bodyguard.  Stud is an energetic fucker and enjoys being watched.  He fucks the cum out of the callboy then shoots in his face.  Mack notices that Samuels has been secretly filming the scene, but they can’t apprehend the hustler before he drives away.  Stud sends Mack to get the film.

3. Steven Marks, Robert Horne, Matt Pittman
Mack follows Samuels who parks his car & puts the bag with the film in a jeep.  Les (Horne) gets into the jeep.  Mack detains Les who likes Mack’s uniform and wants to get Mack out of it.  They go to a dirty move theater where Les sucks Mack who is beginning to like his job.  Mack manages to lift the film out of the bag with Les’s dick in his mouth.  Les starts to finger Mack’s butt….but he’s not ready.  So they change positions and Mack fingers Les then fucks him.  Mack takes after his boss.  He enjoys being watched.  Theater is full of patrons rapt with the live show.  Guy with cap, big hardon, and handy condom is Matt Pittman.

4. J.T. Sloan, Chris McKenzie, Rick Thomas
There’s a plot scene with Samuels and Horne and the man who wants the film (Weyerhaeuser), but the film isn’t in the bag.  Samuels has another idea.  Chris (J T Sloan) and Ben (McKenzie) invite Stud over for fun by the pool.  The hosts manage to cum at the same time jacking each other, then Stud shoots on them while they are kissing.  Stud retrieves condoms from the car where Mack stuffs his dick in his pants, then looks at a picture of his kiddies.  Stud returns to pool and fucks both men for a while; then he wants to watch them fuck too.  They flip fuck while Stud jacks off in a chair.  No one fucks the singer but McKenzie sticks a finger up his butt while he shoots on the edge of the pool.  Meanwhile Mack spies a “gardener” filming the trio and they rush after him.

5. Chad Anderson, Rip Stone
More plot stuff with Samuels and the National Inquisitor magazine.  Once again Mack retrieves the blackmail film.  Stud is so grateful to Mack that he gives him his diamond stud earring.  Mack isn’t sure he want to wear it, but Stud promises to pierce his ear if he changes his mind.  Mack and Stud go to buy a motorcycle for Mack.   When the two arrive at the bike salesman’s place, the proprietors (Stone & Anderson) are busy bathing in Budweiser and sucking each other.  Anderson drenches Stone’s butt in beer and starts to finger him.  The situation is too hot for Mack who decides to return to the car….but then thinks better of it and returns.  Mack nuzzles his crotch against Stud’s rear and they watch the bikers fuck each other.

6. Steven Marks OrgAtb, Rick Thomas OgrAtb
Singer and bodyguard go for a ride on the new bike.  They are in love.  They kiss a little, then 69 a lot.  Then, in a show-stopping scene, Stud pierces Mack’s ear and sticks his dick in his butt at the same instant.  Mack now has a diamond stud in his ear and his lover’s dick up his ass.  Mack is getting close with Stud in his butt, but Stud says “Wait”.  They go for a ride on the bike with Mack’s dick up Stud’s butt, then Mack fucks Stud on their blanket.  They jack each other to climax in 69 position.  Film has a romantic finish with the two men kissing in public, and Stud singing a ballad to his bodyguard.

action notes: O=Oral; A=Anal; g=give; r=receive; b=bottom; t=top

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