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Corbin Fisher Select 0164 Trey takes it from Tom (25th March 2012)
Trey Takes It From Tom
Run Time: 22m 24s
File Size: 846 MB
Released: 25th March 2012
Format: HD  MP4
CFSelect Exclusive 0164

Trey's been working out, lately. Good thing, too since he's going to take a hell of a pounding from football jock, Tom. These two swap blow jobs faster than a certain constantly-kneeling quarterback just got traded. image Trey's in control for a while, telling Tom how he likes it – but when Tom pounds Trey's muscled ass, Trey has no choice but to blow a huge load all over his ripped abs. Tom keeps fucking though, until he shoots cum all over Trey's ass. Then Tom plunges his dick back in Trey to finish him off with a hot creampie!


ACM1686 - 6/2/2015 - A similar version CFS0164

Original upload: 10/04/2012 -matthewmancs
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