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StudFist - Arms Length (Amerifist, FistPeter)
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StudFist - Arms Length

Amerifist, FistPeter

Production date: July 15, 2014

Duration: 21:01

FistPeter is one of my favorite amateur asspigs over at StudFist. He’s had his hole wrecked by Amerifist four times on last count, and each time he puts on a hell of a show. Amerifist pushes his ass to the limit, including punch arm fisting, and double fisting that goes from traditional sling to sloppy hole fist diggin’ in the sit sling. But as we have seen in previous scenes, FistPeter takes it all in his stride and more! And as always, FistPeter does not hold back with his facial expressions. His eyes rolling back and bulging out, and that tongue that pants out makes this video extra hot viewing.
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