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Behind Friends - Hooking Up At The Skate Park - Bareback Skateboarder Finds A Jock Buddy - Dave and Marty 720p
Sexy guy Marty is out at the skate park failing to impress anyone with his limited skills on his board, but handsome and fit Dave is soon catching his attention and it doesn't take long before their curious glances become kisses on the bench. With their introduction out of the way Dave leads his new buddy over to a tree, their big uncut cocks soon out of their pants for some mutual wanking. Dave can't wait to taste that cock, sucking his friend right there in the open, working that big juicy dick in his mouth.

Wisely the two decide to head for some better privacy, where the two gorgeous young man can fully explore. While Marty is an incredibly fit young man with an awesome body and a big curved cock, his new friend has even more muscle. It's a wonder these guys haven't met at the local gym before, but at least they're friends now, sucking each other and enjoying those rigid boners between them. After such a delicious feast of jock dick Marty can't wait to slide his naked ass down on that bareback meat, lubing up his hole while Dave smears his shaft.

Our fit bottom takes his time, easing his pucker down on that solid length, clearly less experienced with getting fucked than Dave is at doing the fucking. It's okay, his big and buff top buddy likes to take control, thrusting his raw cock in and out of that snug little ass, fucking Marty on his back and spooning the guy until neither can stop their balls from purging that juicy goo. Dave delivers a big mess over his friend's cock and balls, sliding back inside to deposit some cream and claim his territory, encouraging hung jock Marty to blast his own thick wad out in a fountain of climactic glory!

The lean jock might not be great on a skateboard, but he knows how to handle a muscle lad's dick.
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