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Behind Friends - Spooky Makes Way For Spunk Loads - Max Born, Kane Mraz, JD Black
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You'll notice there's another new arrival you don't know about yet, but rest assured you'll get to see him again soon and he probably won't be wearing a bunny costume. Within moments of the new boy's arrival things are heating up, but you'd expect that with so much cock in the room waiting to be sucked and played with. They guys manage to hold back their hunger for dick to enjoy some innocent fun and games but when everyone is on the same page the real fun quickly begins.

JD, Max, and Kane are left alone to get their own little party started while the other two disappear for some action upstairs, but you just know JD would have gladly taken on a couple of extra cocks. He's proving just how greedy he is with these guys, feasting on Max's incredible muscle cock while the sexy stud slurps on Kane's rock solid boner. The big man shares his meat with both his boys and everyone makes sure they've gobbled enough candy cane before JD makes it clear that he demands some dick up his hole. He gets on his knees and offers his tight little pucker for Kane to fill, raw of course while continuing to gorge himself on Max's mammoth man meat.

He's soon moaning and whimpering, the guys swapping holes so big-dicked Max can ease his thick tool into the new boy's hole. Swapping back and forth JD gives a masterclass in bottoming and sucking, taking on both his friends, riding one while blowing the other, his own dick being sucked and stroked while he takes a mean and powerful pounding. We knew this boy was a demanding young bottom but he's certainly impressed his new friends, finally taking them both to the edge and preparing for a creamy crescendo of cum pumping fun. JD launches his jizz from his dick while sliding up and down on Kane's cock, the pleasure rushing through his body in waves.

The sight of his dick exploding is all hunky top Max needs to be jerking his own messy wad out into the boy's face, splashing ropes of semen over the cute young man! He loves a good tasty load from a muscle daddy and cleans off his big dick for him, just in time for Kane to slide his own cock out of the boy's hole and decorate JD's emptied nuts with lashings of his own ball juice! With all three finally satisfied Max suddenly realizes two of their friends are missing... does he really have another load in that big cock to share with them, too? Happy Halloween guys!

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