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Falcon - Jocks - Maximum Cruise
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Maximum Cruise, from 1997, will fuel the popularity of porn phenomenon Brian Cruise, whose pouty red lips and slim, muscular physique are shown off to great advantage here, thanks largely to Rutherfords smart direction. Brian Cruises dick acts as gaydar as he hones in on the hottest guys and the hottest action. Cruisin to the max is this young studs mission. Russell and Barrys steamy acrobatic tryst on a stepladder kicks off the dvd on just the right note; Lucas and Black devour each other atop a sweet counter in the theatre lobby in another intense scene. Cruise also turns up in a nicely choreographed threeway with Brooks and White. Get it - its a beauty!

1. Rod Barry, Jack Russell
With his face buried in Rod’s crotch, Jack slips his tongue beneath the salty foreskin of his juicy meat. Rod then sits on his face, savoring his partner’s hot tongue deep inside his ass. Jack spreads his asscheeks, begging Rod to ram him hard until they both explode.

2. Michel Lucas, Seth Black
Seth kneels before Michel taking his prick deep down his throat. He eagerly feasts on the uncut cock, chewing on the knob and fleshy foreskin. Then he drops his pants and straddles Michel’s thick rod, riding him until they both shoot all over.
found in compilation Workin' Stiffs

3. Brian Cruise, Kristian Brooks, Jeffrey White
Brian walks in on Kristian sucking Jeffrey’s cock and the action is just too hot to handle. Then Jeffrey and Kristian take turns devouring Brian’s hot rod and balls. Brian then fucks Kristian’s butt. Then Kristian sucks Jeffrey’s cock as Brian enter from behind.

4. Brian Cruise, John Ross
Brian consumes John’s rod with one deep swallow while John quickly wrestles Brian’s meat from his jeans. He devours the fat prick, lapping the balls and sucking the moist tip. Then Brian thrusts deep into John’s hole, plowing his ass with reckless abandon. They jerk off until both shoot their wads.

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