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Hot Boys - Uber xXx 3 - Nobre Moreno & Guto Latino
FileName : Uber xXx 3 - Nobre Moreno & Guto 2018-08-01
Duration : 0:21:23
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A day of common work of our noble driver Nobre in the streets of Rio de Janeiro. But it's Friday, bars, ballads, parties, beer, alcohol is rolling everywhere. He may not look for anything, but there's a lot of bitching and slutting out there, and things happen. And how they happen!

So begins Saturday, it was morning and work calls. soon comes across a customer a delicious new boy who is our model Guto Latino hot, btw really hot.
Then you know what's going to flow from the mix of a seductive driver and stallion, with a brand-new boy drunk and full of desire.

Sex, fucking, and lots of bitching ...
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