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Jet Set International - Birthday Wood (720p)
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Phillip exudes sex from his twinkling eyes, luscious lips, phenomenal body, cum-pumping cock … right down to his most fuckable ass! With nine other studs, these guys provide a birthday party for Phillip that has enough timber to start the biggest fire imaginable. Hard wood, beautiful outdoor locations – and mounds of cum that splash all over hard bodies, cute faces, and bubble-butt asses! Director Robert Boggs proves once again why he’s considered one of the leading exponents of gay twink-sex!
Some of the elements/setups of this film are common to more or less all "summer camp" films, like the barbecue, the hammock, etc... The lonely wanker caught red-handed (so to speak) by a pair of horny hikers is also in Camp Hardwood (it must be said that Michael Rocman's jerkoff is much more convincingly sensuous than Filip's). Yet this film manages to have an identity of its own : Peter's dream sequence (scene 3) after he has played Peeping Tom (while pretending to sleep) on Babka and Kamil's fuck, is one of the reasons. And the theme of the melancholy birthday boy, finally greeted by his campmates who gang bang him after singing "Happy Birthday" to him and drenching him in Czech champagne, is even more original. This justifies the opening shots of Philip, topless and barefoot in his white pants, wading by the edge of the lake. It's an unforgettable sight.

1. Babka (Sean O'Connor), Kamil (Billy), Peter (Barton cz) solo
2. Philip (Simcik), Josef (Ther), Jurka (M.)
3. Peter (Barton cz), Kamil (Billy)
4. Jurka (M.), Rosta (Fiala)
5. Robin (Pelikan), Marcel (Manigati), Vladimir (Duracia), Philip (Simcik)

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