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Catalina C1R - Down Under (1989) DVD
analoralgeneral hardcorecondoms
director William Higgins

Allan Forrest
Christopher Ryan
Dave Elliot
James Nicholson
Michael Dante
Paul Watson
Robert Sherman
Teddy Andersen
Tim Lowe
Mike Gibson hotel manager

Go way down with the master William Higgins, and discover all the erotic man-splendor being down under has to offer.
Shot entirely on location in Austrailia, this video proves that hard-pounding all-male action is extra sweaty the Aussie-way. Hot Aussie Men. Hung Aussie meat. Oh, how Aussie sweet.

1. Michael Dante, Paul Watson

2. Paul Watson, Teddy Andersen, Mike Gibson nonsex
Paul Watson and Teddy Anderson sneak up to a hotel room to do it in the shower and get caught by the hotel manager.

3. Teddy Andersen, Robert Sherman
Teddy Anderson gets picked up by Robert Sherman, who's in the Norwegian Army. Teddy shaves the Robert's ass and crotch. They take turns fucking each other.

4. Tim Lowe, Christopher Ryan
Tim Lowe gets pick pocketed and goes to a bar for help and helps himself to Christopher Ryan, the bartender.

5. Tim Lowe, Christopher Ryan
They wake up and do it again.

6. Teddy Andersen, Dave Elliot
Teddy Anderson and Dave Elliot have a mild S&M scene with boot licking and leather.

7. Tim Lowe, Allan Forrest, James Nicholson
Tim Lowe has a 3-way with Allen Forest and James Nicholson.

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