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Corbin Fisher - ACM2485 - Mason Gets A Load of Dane (720p)
Added: July 12, 2019  |  Video Length: 23:42

I love seeing Dane get fucked. You love seeing Dane get fucked. We all love seeing Dane get fucked! This all leads to our all wanting to see Dane take a big, stiff dick in that flawless ass of his as much as possible. This also means that when Dane gets the chance to be on the giving end instead of the receiving end, he takes maximum advantage! Dane wants us all to know he’s fully versatile and can deliver as brilliantly hot a fuck as he can take, and he does precisely that here! The fact of the matter is Dane is just a total hornball! This young hottie loves sex! He can go from 0 to rockhard in no time, and the buffer and more built he’s got means he’s better equipped now than ever before to totally drill some of his fellow CF studs. Just watch what Dane does to Mason here! He has Mason in the palm of his hands from start to finish in this one. Truth be told, before we got to filming this episode Mason mentioned he felt he was more of a top and that topping just came to him more naturally and more easily. Well, I think by the end of the action here Mason was rethinking that!
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