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Drake Rock - Jack Jagger Bred, Felched & Snowballed
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Drake Rock: Jack Jagger Bred, Felched & Snowballed (2012)

This is a rare scene from the now defunct and offline Drake Rock site. It was posted very shortly before the site was taken down. Cleaning out my hard drives, I found that I have all the bareback scenes on a hard drive from years ago. If you want a certain scene comment.

After a long absence, Jack Jagger returns in one of the hottest videos I’ve produced. Twenty minutes of fucking with six total cum shots, three of which are internal with cream pies. One of the loads I felch from his ass and we snowball.

This video starts immediately with bareback penetration. Within the first three minutes I fill Jack’s ass with my first raw load. After he pushes out my cum I finger fuck and cock fuck it back into his hole and then I nail his cummy ass again.

I flip him over so I can watch my cock slamming inside his hairy butt. That totally gets me off and I shoot a second load deep inside him. Rolling over, he pushes out another cream pie. I finger fuck the jizz back into him before sticking my bare cock in him for a third ass pounding. During this portion there is some GREAT close up footage of my raw cum drenched cock fucking him deep.

I pin Jack’s knees to his ears and the next section gives you a great vantage point of our hot bareback action.

At the 15 minute mark I cum a third time, first shooting on his ass and nut sack, then pushing my dick in and cumming inside, pulling out and blasting his taint again, and I finish unloading in his hole.

There is another great close up of my pulling out and Jack pushing out his third cream pie.

I am totally in the moment, and turned on by so much cum pouring out of Jack, I felch the cum from his ass and then we snowball, swapping the cum back and forth. That gets Jack so excited that he shoots a load in my mouth, licking and swallowing the rest off his hand.

Finally, we lay side by side, kissing and jacking our cocks. I didn’t think I would be able to cum again, but hearing Jack’s breathing getting heavier and knowing that our fuckathon got him off again, we came together and I blasted him with my fourth load!
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