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Maverick Men Directs - Pig In The Poke
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Maverick Men Directs - Pig In The Poke

For the first time in my life, I was struck speechless when for a minute while directing a video, it was suggested that I would see a lubed-up bald head shoved up a giants ass, lol! While shooting this video, I came to understand how vanilla I actually am.  These boys had fucked several times before and they are very in-tune as with what the other likes.  This vid is VERY real and raunchy with lots of sweat, spit swapping, and ripe foreskin and ass crack munching.  A few times I literally rocked back on my heals in shock as to how hard these guys went at it.  If you like raunchy piggy stuff, then you’ll love watching huge 6’6” 300 pound monster Brian fuck the hell out of little 5'6" Mickey.  Then, Micky turns the tables and rails Brian’s big meaty man ass.  The cum shot gobbling is not to be missed!  You nasty pigs out there in porno land will love this one!
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