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ChaosMen 2091-Draven Fucks Phillip (720P)
For Draven‘s first time fucking a dude, he wanted to work with a gay guy because he thought that his partner should be into it and he also really wanted to please him.
Bryan put Phillip in the mix, assuring Draven that despite Phillip identifying as straight, he really likes to get fucked.
Draven is a little awkward at the beginning, trying his best not to smile, yet he was definitely turned-on. He sure likes not only getting his cock sucked, but he likes to show-off and really suck a guy back.
When it came time to fuck, Phillip, as usual, enjoyed getting ass-rammed. Draven has some great skills, and a couple times Phillip shooed away DravenÂ’s hand from jerking his cock or risk nutting too soon.
Once Draven saw how intensely Phillip came while being fucked, he started wondering if he was missing out on something. After unloading inside of Phillip, Draven was asking about maaaaybe trying to get fucked during his next video Â…
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