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Men of Montreal - Taking The Big One (Alexy Tyler & Mam Steele)
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Mam Steele & Alexy Tyler: Taking The Big One: Mam Steele grabs hot Alexy Tyler's ass with his hard rod! When we asked Alexy Tyler if he was up taking Mam Steel's monster cock, Alexy just looked at us and winked. He was rather looking forward to take it and this comes through loud and clear throughout the scene. Mam was in top shape and his killer dick was ready to tackle veteran porn star Alexy. Mam is becoming a well versed and comfortable performer and when he is on set he is totally into it. With Alexy, you always wonder if his intense reactions express acute pain or heightened pleasure. It usually is the latter. And, in this shoot, he was again having a grand old time taking on our inked bad boy top man. Shooting with them was a breeze and for the most part, we just let them go at it with minimal interruptions... We had fun shooting this, and we hope you will have as much fun watching them.

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