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My Straight Buddy - Back from Afghanistan
This new video, BACK FROM AFGHANISTAN, is a combination of a the video joe released back in 2013, and the newly released footage of Joe showing Nick how much he truly appreciates his service, plus you get to see Nick in uniform on the base parade ground the night he got back from Afghanistan.

The old footage is of Nick, one of the hottest Marines to ever wear the uniform, and a straight up pussy-slaying bro, running around his house naked and free with his best friend Joe. The new footage is of Joe giving his best friend Nick a blowjob and an ass-licking Nick will never forget. It's especially hot because these guys are best buds and it shows.

The already released videos this one is a combo of are: Naked Nick and Joe Lick's Nick's Dick.

Again, this isn't a NEW movie, it's two movies that I had to separate, now back together so you can play the whole thing as one LONG movie.
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