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Hot House / Club Inferno - At Arm's Length 1 & 2
At Arm's Length Part 1

It’s a Club Inferno title, so you know what you’re getting: Lots of big things going up slack holes of sweaty butch guys who, in twenty years time, will no doubt be making the stockholders of Depends very happy.

The film is split into segments, each with its own inter-title that makes it look like a perverted episode of Frasier. Up first is ‘Uncut Warmup’ featuring Moreno and Skylar who have a hot and sexy (and at times giggly - like when Moreno’s chainmail harness springs off accidentally) kiss-and-explore scene before Levi’s are loosened and Skylar is swallowing Moreno’s man-meat. Totally hot to watch, as Skylar redefines “cock-worship” before spinning him round and eating out a burning browneye.

All of a sudden Cox appears, and the grunting twosome (seriously - they grunt so much you’re half expecting them to embark on a Quest for Fire) push the black stud to his knees and force him to take their lengths like a good man-whore. Moreno offers his ass (actually it’s more like he’s presenting himself like a cat on heat) before it’s pounded eight ways till Sunday by the rampaging Skylar.

‘X Marks the Spot’ is next, with Moreno getting fisted by Price, and not only does he manage to stay hard throughout, but has also grasped the concept of basic linguistics! “Very nice” he moans. (I preferred the grunting.) All the while the utterly edible Edwards is morally and physically supporting the spread-eagled studpup whilst the camera goes in for the ultimate close-up of his poor battered prolapsing man-hoop. Though not the worlds greatest fisting top (I fear he’s doomed to be forever Martha, not Arthur) Price still manages to cause Muppet-boy to drop an utterly amazing spooge bomb with his frenetic two handed style. Woof!

Moreno, who by the way, looks like a hybrid David Bowie/Leonard Nimoy when he’s being fisted, reappears in the penultimate ‘Plowing the Hole’ scene - only this time it’s Cox getting the treatment frrm our busy little tattooed wonder. The very tribal looking Cox is almost torn in two, and the previously underused Edwards gets to shine when he whaps out his own pierced python, leading to events that finish with Cox letting rip one of the biggest splurdge-bombs you have ever seen!

I’m too exhausted to even contemplate the finale, ‘Man Sex’, starring the ever-doable Harper, who along with Thomas, shows that Price really is Brad Pitt’s sibling: Bottomless Pitt. Look in wide eyed awe as Harper goes deeper and deeper into Price, punch-fucking, slowfucking and sucking the stud to ecstasy. Just buy the god-damned thing for this amazingly hot scene alone. Pop a heart-pill, you’ll need it!

At Arm's Length Part 2

Scene one in our cavalcade of carnality is ‘Sling Play’ and we dive straight in as Moreno lies spread-eagled in the sling, attended to by the both very hot bearded McGrath and Skylar. What always amazes me about Moreno is that he could get an entire Mountain Rescue Team (including the St. Bernards) up his ass without losing wood. Gone are the bad old days of braindead Valley Boys shrinking to nothing, huffing poppers as Chad Douglas sticks three fingers up them. Yep, Moreno is a pro. I just keep wondering when he’s gonna get round to having those tattoos inked in.

Get hard now, dear reader because here comes the congress: nineteen minutes of precum soaking action begins as McGrath greedily sucks on Moreno’s meat – biting, nibbling, spitting and slurping over the uncut tool while Skylar slips the prostrate stud some darting tongue. The two masters look so much alike they could be brothers, and Moreno gets off on the incest angle, as Skylar opens him up with a well greased handled dildo, slowly at first before working that ass with such intensity Moreno looks ready to explode. But this is all just warm-up! The two hirsute studs lube up their arms and take turns fingering him until both have a hand up him at the same time. Cut to an even more hot and sweaty Moreno swallowing Skylar until the stud can take no more and explodes everywhere (but it’s in long shot so wear your specs). A hot kiss - and I mean hot - and we fades to scene two.

‘Ass Good as it Gets’ features Moreno once more, this time doing the fisting. He’s working over cover man Edwards with black stud Cox along for the ride. Cox is determined to be a help - greasing up Moreno’s arm and keeping Edwards’ hairy hoop warm between breaks. But he’s even better at keeping hot, sex-sweat-soaked (and totally naked) Moreno’s cock rock-hard. Cox does such a good job it’s only when Edwards takes Moreno all the way to his elbow (in one thrust) that we remember this is a three-way! Edwards is in Heaven - eyes rolled back in ecstasy as Cox lubes up the handled dildo seen earlier (hope they washed it) and thrusts it up Moreno’s mantwat, while his arm is still in Edwards’ intestinal tract.

You’ll shoot buckets as you see Moreno’s glistening musculature shudder and contort with pleasure. (When I review porn I always make a note of my favorite bit to jerk-off to when I’ve finished - this was the point I used!) Cox and Moreno finally take turns inhaling Edwards massive pierced tool, chewing on the Prince Albert, before the couple jerk him off to a well-deserved (and much appreciated) spooge finale.

The third and final scene - ‘Fisting in Motion’ - sees Cox and Edwards head to head, lying on a table that is suspended from the ceiling, Skylar and Price working their holes. Though not as intense as the previous scene (this should have come second, not last) you’ll shoot watching Cox take Skylar to the hilt (ok, elbow) while Edwards chills as Price, hamster-like, burrows his arm way deep inside. Luckily the lighting and camerawork is top-rate, slowly panning between the couples before, sadly, it ends!
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