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Family Dick - A Special Place in Daddy's Heart - Chapter 1: A Slippery Slope - Logan Cross and Lance Hart - 1080p
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Family Dick
A Slippery Slope (Chapter 1) - A Special Place in Daddy's Heart
Logan Cross and Lance Hart - 1080pHD

Released: 1 Feb 2019
Duration: 31m 22s

When a growing boy gets a moment alone, it’s not uncommon for him to get curious about his body and the changes that come with adolescence.
But when Logan’s pop slips on some lube the boy spilled while jerking off in the kitchen, daddy’s irate.

Lance makes the mischievous little guy get down on the floor and wipe up the mess he made.
But Logan knows how to make things right. The boy arches his back as he cleans, popping his bubble butt in the air provocatively.

Soon, his pop’s own boyhood rushes back to him, and memories of days spent playing with his own cock fill his mind.
The horny daddy whips out his dong and sticks it in the kid’s mouth, watching as the boy drools all over his shaft.

Then he penetrates the little guy’s asshole raw, stroking hard until he blows a dripping load of cum in the boy’s mouth.
Looks like Logan’s got another mess to clean!

Day 9:  Lance Hart
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Original: 02/02/2019 -matthewmancs
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