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Gemini (1977) Selo Bijou
analoralgeneral hardcorepre-condom
director Steve Scott

Chris Adam
Doug Thompson (70s)
Duff Paxton
Gene Braun
Jack Wrangler
Johnny Seychelle
Lucas Severin
Mike Black
Richard Locke
Terry King
N Jacque Houff Dr. Houff
UN Steve Scott doctor in the opening
foot notes:
N=Non-sexual role; U=Uncredited performance

Jack Wrangler approached Steve Scott with an idea of portaying a Three Faces of Eve type character; Scott pared it down to a simple split personality, with Jack wavering between the nice lover, and sleazy sex fiend. Notable for it's great early Pink Floyd soundtrack. Unusual use of Pink Floyd's Careful With That Ax, Eugene during a back alley blowjob with Richard Locke.

World premiere at LA’s Century Theatre on May 25, 1977.
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