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BrokeStraightBoys - Elijah Scott Enters Sky Clesi Bareback (1080p)
Released July 23, 2019

Elijah Scott has a couple scenes under his belt now, but there’s still some things he’s trying to get comfortable with…like sucking dick.  To help break him in some more, we’ve got Sky Clesi in the studio and when these two guys get started, Sky takes the lead, nice and gentle with Elijah.  Making out, their kisses are slow and sensual before Sky uses his mouth on Elijah’s cock next, taking that sweet prick between his soft lips and sucking on that shaft as Elijah sits back and enjoys.  But Elijah’s pushing his boundaries today as Sky climbs forward onto Elijah, his eager cock dangling in Elijah’s face as he tentatively wraps his mouth around Sky.

Giving Sky’s dick a few good sucks, he breaks away from the new sensation of a cock in his mouth and goes for that ass instead.  Holding Sky in his arms as he enters him bareback, Elijah fucks him hard, not holding back as he splits that ass open and gives his dick to Sky, filling him up before slamming him onto the couch to fuck him harder.  Moving over to the ottoman, Sky lies on his back and spreads his legs for Elijah who wastes no time in burying that dick back in Sky’s tight hole.  Sky moans as he takes all of Elijah’s raw prick, grabbing for his own cock and jerking it until Elijah pulls out and cums and Sky finishes himself off!
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