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Shut Up and Fuck Me (2018) Raging Stallion
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6 scenes merged, 1080p highest quality. Includes Raging Stallion logo.

director Steve Cruz

Adam Thicke
Giovanni Valentino
Hans Berlin
Jay Landford
Kurtis Wolfe
Sean Knight
Sergeant Miles
Seth Santoro
Spencer Whitman
Tegan Zayne
Ziggy Banks

Sometimes it’s nice to cut to the chase. Fuck conversation. Fuck getting to know each other. You just want to satisfy your carnal itch and get the fuck out. Don’t start talking to me. I don’t want your conversation. I don’t want to hear your voice. Just ‘Shut Up & Fuck Me’.

1 Kurtis Wolfe, Sergeant Miles
2 Seth Santoro, Jay Landford
3 Tegan Zayne, Spencer Whitman
4 Ziggy Banks, Adam Thicke
5 Tegan Zayne, Giovanni Valentino
6 Hans Berlin, Spencer Whitman, Sean Knight
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