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Treasure Island Media - Break My Ass + Bonus mp4
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BREAK MY ASS is a collection of one-on-one’s and three-ways with an international cast of cumpigs, and tons of flip fucking where tops suddenly become bottoms and vice versa. Starring LETTERIO AMADEO taking and giving dick in almost half the scenes -- featuring JAKE ASCOTT, CUTLERX, CHRISTOPHER DANIELS, NATHAN GEAR, ADAM RUSSO, DREW SEBASTIAN, PIERRE SIAS, AARON STEEL, TOFFIC and more.

1.  I'll Fuck You -
LETTERIO AMADEO (Italy) is a beast and his perfect uncut cock turns ADAM RUSSO (USA) into a shrieking little man-boy begging to get fucked and take his load. LETTERIO’s body is stunning in this scene -- whether it is his gorgeous tattoos, fine hairy chest, or watching his really nice ass pump up and down as it fucks -- this is superstar top fuck action happening here.

2.  Diggin' it Baby
Ya’ know that thin line between pleasure and pain? CUTLERX (USA) crosses it and then some. NATHAN GEAR (UK) positions himself ass up face down ready to receive that monster dick, but that doesn’t mean CUTLERX doesn’t let him forget for one second who is in control.
The horny top man rams his legendary big uncut black cock into the kid’s hole over and over again until HE decides he is ready to give him the jizz NATHAN so desperately wants.

3.  The Hole Whisperer
CHRISTOPHER DANIELS (USA) serves up his hole like it is an expensive banquet waiting to be consumed. LETTERIO AMADEO (Italy) wastes no time getting at the infamous cum repository. First working it open with multiple fingers and then using his mouth and tongue to get it ready for his dick. He unceremoniously slams his fat meat into the guy’s ass and rides it – long, rough and hard.

4.  Break My Ass
AARON STEELE (Spain) is that kind of annoying bottom that you just want to shove your jockstrap in his mouth so he will shut the fuck up. Pretty fuck holes should be seen and not heard, right?
Masked man JJ (Italy) ain’t having none of it, when AARON makes the mistake of telling JJ to “break his ass”…he happily obliges.
Lesson learned, when a top slaps your butt, you don’t slap him back. Especially when you have his 9-inch cock in your hole.

5.  Berlin Tag-Team Load-Swap
Liam goes to Berlin, hooks up with LUCKY JOE (Germany) and manages to capture this hot 3-way with PIERRE SIAS (Italy) and the amazing dicked WOLFGANG (Germany). No really, WOLFGANG’s cock is a thing of beauty.
PIERRE pulls off the flip flop breeding of the century -- well almost -- you haven’t gotten to Scene 9 yet. After getting fucked by the other two guys and taking JOE’s load, SIAS shows he can give it as well as he takes it when he decides to breed WOLFGANG. With PIERRE’s load in his hole, Wolfgang is even more determined to get his cum in his buddy’s ass. These Berliner boys know how to fuck!

6.  Finocchio Switch
Lucky daddy MATTEO LAMBINI (Italy) (beer gut and all) gets to play with his boy JAKE ASCOTT (Italy) -- and by play we mean shoving his fat uncut cock up his hole.
JAKE -- handsome beautiful JAKE -- gets a good dicking before he decides to flip the table and return the favor. JAKE power rams his also fat uncut dick deep in his Dad’s belly until he breeds him.  These are two Italian men showing us how it’s done in Italy.

7.  I want More Cocks
LETTERIO AMADEO (Italy) will kiss you if he’s feeling nice but more often than not he will toss you down on the bed and use your hole so he can get his cum up your guts.
TOFFIC (Sweden) is a true cumpig bottom who just wants to popper up and get thoroughly and completely pounded out. This slut lives for dick. “Fucking break me!” he screams out and that sends LETTERIO completely over the edge. He can’t hold his sperm back, depositing it right in TOFFIC’s hole. And then TOFFIC tells Liam, “I Want More Cocks.”

8.  Don't Move
There is the kind of top whose dick sends you to the brink. His cock feels so good in your hole you almost can’t take it -- it is THAT good. That’s what happens to TOFFIC (Sweden) when DREW SEBASTIAN'S (USA) major meat strokes his prostate. DREW is loving every second of it. He gets that man-cunt in the perfect place for his meat and impales it over and over telling the bottom to not move. He fucks the human fleshlight just right until it makes him squirt.

9.  Don't Move
Even though DREW SEBASTIAN (USA) had just shot a load, he was soon up and raring to go to give LETTERIO AMADEO (Italy) a good man hammering. Then the unexpected happens, or we have entered the upside down? After fucking LETTERIO in several positions -- the guys decide it is AMADEO’s dick's turn to get some hole. Our penultimate top man DREW is suddenly on his back with his legs up begging for the man’s uncut piece of meat to fuck and breed him.

10.  BONUS - I'm Here to Get Fucked Good
Yes, LETTERIO AMADEO (Italy) does have a beautiful ass too. FREDDY MILLER (UK) usually bottoms and LETTERIO usually tops, but after messing around for a bit, FREDDY gets a good look at the Italian stallion’s fine butt and has to get it in. The match-up is intimate, kinda like staring at two handsome men fucking through a peep hole.

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