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Falcon - Basic Plumbing 2
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CHASE HUNTER returns to action greasing those pipes, snaking his way into everyone's hole and leaving them flushed with excitement! It's a dirty job...but somebody's gotta do it!

1. Christopher Scott, Mike Branson
Christopher Scott’s kitchen sink is backed up and Mike Branson arrives to tackle the problem. Under the sink Mike gets soaked in overflow and Christopher offers to launder his shirt so Mike pulls it off. Minutes later, Mike discovers Christopher sniffing the t-shirt and decides to give Christopher something more. Mike pulls out his cock and Christopher opens wide to suck it down. Mike teases him…pulling back and slapping his face before sliding his cock deep into Christopher’s throat. The two studs rim each other before Mike slides his cock deep into Christopher’s hole, pounding him with hard unforgiving thrusts. He grabs the waistband of Christopher’s jockstrap and rides him like a bronco buster. Laying on their sides, Mike keeps up the non-stop fucking, burrowing his cock up Christopher’s hole until he can’t hold back any longer…then showering Christopher in his load.

2. Michel Lucas, Randy Foreman, Tony Dancer
Michel Lucas calls the shots here as he directs the action with a wave of his huge uncut cock. Randy Foreman and Tony Dancer dive onto Michel’s dick, savoring every inch of the long shaft and hooded cockhead. They take turns swallowing their client’s long dick. Michel proudly feeds his cock to Randy and Tony as they worship every inch. The trio then forms a sex chain with Michel fucking Randy as Randy rims Tony’s ass. They pump and suck, working each other non-stop. The thrill and excitement increase until all three stroke themselves to climax, unleashing a wellspring of thick cum which soaks their forms.

3. Chase Hunter, Brennan Foster
Chase Hunter invites stranded blond Brennan Foster to use his phone. Once inside, the two immediately tumble onto the bed and Chase pulls out Brennan’s cock…demonstrating his oral skills for this hot young stud. Eager to return the favor, Brennan swallews Chase’s cock entirely. Brennan teases Chase with his hole and feeds him his cock. Before long Chase is sliding his thick cock up Brennan’s ass and pumping deeply. Brennan takes it all and moans for more…the lusty studs building up their loads and working each other hard. Chase soaks Brennan in his load just in time for Brennan to surrender his own. The two men

4. Christopher Scott, Logan Cox
Christopher Scott has another plumbing problem and Logan Cox arrives to clear his pipes. Awed by Logan’s tight form and stiff cock, Christopher drops to his knees and sucks deeply. Logan teases Christopher, slapping his face with his cock and making Christopher work for it. When his cock is sufficiently soaked and sucked, Logan lets Christopher rim his hole before lovingly returning the favor. Soon Christopher is relaxed and Logan is harder than ever…sliding his cock deep into Christopher’s hungry hole and pumping hard. Christopher wants all he can give and Logan does not disappoint…rhythmically fucking Christopher until both studs splatter themselves in sticky cum.

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