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CollegeDudes - Joey Liberty fucks Guy Lima
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Joey Liberty runs his hands across Guy LimaÂ’s ass while he places kisses on GuyÂ’s lips, pressing their bodies together as they get harder in their pants. When JoeyÂ’s big dick comes out, Guy canÂ’t help but drop to his knees and take it in his mouth, sucking that sweet cock as JoeyÂ’s rock hard prick fills GuyÂ’s mouth. When Guy is ready for oral of his own he lies on the bed and lets Joey get a taste of him, that pink cock sliding in and out of JoeyÂ’s expert mouth as he works that dick up to full size with his skilled tongue.
Guy gives JoeyÂ’s dick one more quick taste before climbing onto his lap and sitting on it, slowly taking JoeyÂ’s length into his ass, that thick and throbbing cock pushing against the walls of him as Guy takes every last inch. Joey thrusts his hips against Guy, fucking him as Guy gently rocks back and forth on top of him before turning over and getting fucked on his back. Joey pumps hard into Guy who strokes his own member until he shoots his load and Joey pulls out, yanking on his dick until his own hot cum is dripping all over Guy.
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