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Staxus - Fantasy Lovers, Sc 3 (David Hollister, Peter Polloc)
Fantasy Lovers, Sc.3

Added: 03/March/2019
Duration: 20 minutes, 28 seconds
Studio: Staxus

Featuring: David Hollister, Peter Polloc


David Hollister can’t resist the temptation when he sees Peter almost naked on the bed next to him. The lads start to kiss to get the flow going, and Soon David is hard and pull his dick out so Peter can suck it off. Peter is giving him a wonderful blowjob because David starts to moan and to move desperately. Peter is on point to make him feel expiated of pleasure and when he sees David’s hole he doesn’t think twice about rimming it.

Once David has enough of the rimming, Peter sits on his cock and soon they enjoy the fuck in a lot of sensual postures. Both boys can’t stop to moaning and Peter’s ass seems it’s going to explode with the pounding of David’s dick.
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