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Boys on Film 14: Worlds Collide (2016) PAL DVD9
Coming OutComing of AgeTeenageNudityGay SexInternetCruisingHookupsAngstThreesomeGay ClubBullyingHomophobiaFriendshipConfidenceConcealedUnrequitedConfusedLoveConsequences
Boys on Film 14
Worlds Collide

The world's most successful short film collection is back, offering another selection of hot lads in bitesized sexully charged gay-themed movies for us to enjoy.

Country:  UK, USA, Netherlands, Mexico, Denmark, Brazil
Language:  English, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Portuguese
Subtitles:  English (hard) for the foreign ones
IMDb:  Nope!
Aspect Ratio:  Various
Running Time:  124 mins
Certificate:  18
Released:  February 8th 2016 UK DVD
Homepage:  hxxps://

Plot Keywords:
Coming Out, Coming of Age, Teenage, Nudity, Gay Sex, Internet, Cruising, Hookups, Angst, Threesome, Gay Club, Bullying, Homophobia, Friendship, Confidence, Concealed, Unrequited, Confused, Love, Consequences ...

Movie Info:
Worlds collide in more ways than one in this stunning collection of award winning short films. Confidence is violated, classes clash and desire is concealed, yet love still triumphs regardless of the consequences.

While the title suggests that you might be treated to a homoerotic feast masquerading as art, actually what you get are nine very good short films. There is a broad gay theme that threads these films into a collection, plus a wider exploration of different worlds, cultures, or experiences coming together – it almost feels like a mini gay film festival.

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