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Bel Ami - Personal Trainers A+ (2005) DVD
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Bolek Polanski
Brandon Manilow
Casper Watts
Colin Reeves
Dano Sulik
Jimmy Larson
Luke Hamill
Sebastian Bonnet
Tobias Hayek
Todd Rosset

1. Sebastian Bonnet, Jimmy Larson

2. Sebastian Bonnet, Bolek Polanski, Dano Sulik, Casper Watts

3. Sebastian Bonnet, Todd Rosset

4. Sebastian Bonnet, Luke Hamill, Tobias Hayek, Brandon Manilow, Colin Reeves

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Bel Ami's Personal Trainers series has for several years now been one of that studio's most popular offerings. In each installment, one or more of producer-director George Duroy's stars (most often Sebastian Bonnet and/or Dano Sulik) coaches one or more newcomers through a laughter-filled tutorial in the enjoyment of man-to-man sex before the camera. Without exception, these exercises have proven to be mesmerizing studies not only in the art of adult filmmaking but also in the psychology of both the teachers and pupils. Now comes along the 10th and (according to promotional materials) final release in the series. It is called A+, and while it is a glorious finale, it is also a source of melancholy to think that there will be no more of these amazingly unique productions.

In this two-hour-plus release, the formula established in the very first entry is followed scrupulously, and it seems as fresh as ever: Discovered in a comfortable bedroom, student and teacher chat casually. The teacher, goofing around to break the tension, displays a nonchalant air about his own nudity and about mansex in general, and this relaxed attitude usually proves contagious. Almost before one realizes it, the sexplay is under way, and the teacher is nearly always the first to give head. Oral reciprocity by the newbie is inevitable, but for the anal action, it is virtually always the teacher who tops.
In the first episode, Bonnet, looking more blond than usual and as silken a seducer as ever, is the teacher, and a fresh-faced towhead named Jimmy Larson (described as being from a "strongly Catholic family") is his baby-butch pupil. In a word, Larson is delectable, smooth as an infant above the waist but with a hairy crotch and thighs, not to mention a man-sized erection that is standing tall from the first shot of him. Bonnet flirts, praises him, kisses the tip of his upturned nose and is soon slithering downward to show the kid a thing or two about cocksucking. Between kisses, they roll all over the bed, now one on top, now the other, until Bonnet steers his ever-ready erection into Larson's eager mouth. A smidgen of ball-sucking and ass-fingering leads to the fucking.

As always, Bonnet proves to be a considerate top, gently easing into the first insertion as he coos encouragement to the novice bottom. Larson accepts the invasion with equanimity in both scissors and missionary positions, and it is not long before he murmurs, "I'm starting to enjoy it." In time, they shift to doggie style, and it is in this position that Bonnet pounds off a nine-spurter all over Larson's back. (Bonnet is truly an amazing spunk-machine.) As for Larson, he brings himself off while snuggled in Bonnet's lap, milking puddles of creamy goo all over his own pubes. (Also, Lukas Ridgeston is one of the cameramen for the scene, and his presence in many of the shots adds a certain fillip to the proceedings.)

In the second exercise, Bonnet is joined by Sulik to train a pair of willing newcomers, Casper Watts, a super-butch, "top-level" soccer player, and Bolek Polanski, a wiry gym bunny with enticingly thick lips and bedroom eyes. After a bit of horsing around (with a green wig and a feather boa), the two teachers soon become aware their pupils have already started without them. Curled up in a huddle of heated kisses, both trainees are enthusiastic, aggressive sex machines -- especially Watts, who displays a constant passion for kissing. After comparing cock sizes, all four settle into chains and towers of sucking before the first round of money shots. (Bonnet manages a 10-spurter this time.) Watts in particular is quite a cocksucker, managing to take more than just a cockhead into his mouth and delighting in his talent for tongue-tickling a piss-slit.

Both teachers eat out the upended asses of the two newbies as prelude to the anal action and quickly mount their students in matching, side-by-side doggie fucks (Sulik into Watts, Bonnet into Polanski). In time they shift oncamera to sidesaddle and then to missionary and only change partners for the final set of matching lap fucks. Both pupils are demanding bottoms, as if determined to prove they can take anything the taskmasters have to give -- and both always find time to incorporate plenty of kissing into the action before each brings his partner off by hand to end the spooge-drenched scene.

The third session again features Bonnet in a one-on-one with a diminutive college student named Todd Rosset, who looks so young and cherubic that one wonders if his downy cheeks have ever felt a razor. That speculation is soon dispelled not only by his rockhard erection and furry crotch but also his instinctual melting into the moment as Bonnet whispers endearments, sprinkles him with tender kisses and begins to service him, both fore and aft. A perfect miniature, Rosset just closes his eyes and seems to float off into another world. But he soon returns when Bonnet murmurs, "Do you want it in your mouth now?" and dives for his mentor's waiting erection, and in turn, his balls and asshole. They also enjoy a 69 before Rosset shyly mutters, "Come on fuck me."

Without hesitation (but with ongoing consideration), Bonnet promptly fucks him in missionary, scissors and face-down doggie positions. Rosset does his best to accommodate his teacher, but there is little doubt that his clenched-teeth grimaces and winces are very real. Still he manages to tweak his own nipples and share kisses throughout his deflowering. Bonnet's pop shot (only an eight-spurter this time) is impressive, but so is Rosset's spray all over his own chest.

The final sequence features three schoolmates who came to Bel Ami at the same time, never expecting to work together. They are Tobias Hayek, whose long, black hair suggests a latter-day Prince Valiant, Luke Hamill, whose blond curls cannot hide the naughty-boy glint in his eye, and Colin Reeves, whose mop of curly dark hair and thick, uncut dick are his most notable features. Here Bonnet is assisted by one of Duroy's most superb recent discoveries, Brandon Manilow. All five are discovered on a big bed where they undress one another -- don't miss Manilow's cock springing out of his fly! -- and the newbies are instructed to jack themselves and each other before the two pros move in to give and get head from each of the novices in a series of vividly lensed tableaux.

Both Bonnet and Manilow take their time opening up by hand the rosebuds of the three chums before actually getting around to plowing into them, but when the experts go to work, they once again demonstrate what superbly romantic top men they both can be. All three of the pupils seem completely comfortable with one another, and all are surprisingly adept at taking cock. The money shots are all copious, but Bonnet's, which hits the headboard (no surprise), is a fitting climax to the scene, the film and the series.

Mr. Duroy has made very few missteps in making Bel Ami one of the foremost studios in the world today, but with all due respect, this reviewer urges him to rethink ending this series. If you feel that way too, send him an e-mail at and tell him so. It can't hurt.
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