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Watercolors (2008) NTSC DVD5
Country: USA
Language: English
Runtime: 106 min

Director: David Oliveras
Writer: David Oliveras
Tye Olson...Daniel 'Danny' Wheeler
Kyle Clare...Carter Melman
Ellie Araiza... Andy
Casey Kramer...Miriam Wheeler
Jeffrey Lee Woods...Stephen Melman
William Charles Mitchell... Mr. Frank
Ian Rhodes...Danny (older)
Edward Finlay...Allan
Brandon Lybrand...Henry
Greg Louganis ...Coach Brown
Karen Black..Mrs. Martin

Movie Info:

One never forgets his first love as we are reminded by the film opening sentence 'Love is so short and forgetting is so long' quotation from a poem by Pablo Neruda and as the poster of the movie reminds us: Only art can turn pain into beauty.

Shy and closeted and nerdy young artist Danny (Tye Olson) is befriended by golden boy swimming champion Carter (Kyle Clare) when family circumstances bring them together for a night. Danny helps the troubled Carter in school, while the brash and sexy yet troubled Carter works hard to hide his drug problems, history of seizures and the painful relationship he has with his unsympathetic, recovering alcoholic father. Their blossoming relationship brings Danny out of his shell, awakening both his passion for art and burgeoning gay sexuality.

Watercolors is framed by scenes of Danny as an adult. He's a successful artist, but his boyfriend is bothered that he can't seem to get over his high school crush. He argues that a live person can't compete with a glorified memory, showing that the lasting memory of a first love is potentially toxic.
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