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BrokeStraightBoys - Malakai White's Tight Ass Ready For Ethan Steel (1080p)
Released August 3, 2019

Ethan Steel is back again and ready to try to push himself a little farther as he and Malakai White make out.  They kiss and undress and Malakai drops to his knees to fill his mouth with Ethan’s big dick, deepthroating it as he gags on that huge shaft.  Malakai’s soft pink lips worship Ethan’s long cock as Ethan pushes it deeper until they switch so that Malakai can get some head.  Ethan kneels between Malakai’s legs, taking that cock on his tongue and working it with his wet mouth, Malakai challenging him to take it all.

Like a good boy, Ethan sucks Malakai’s dick until he’s satisfied and then bends him over the couch and enters into that tight little hole from behind.  Fucking him raw, Ethan makes Malakai cry out as he pounds into him deeper and harder, leveraging himself on any surface he can just so he can slam that ass deeper.  Ethan takes a break from dominating Malakai by letting Malakai fuck himself on Ethan’s long cock, riding that cock reverse cowboy as he moans for more.  But Ethan wants to take that perfect ass harder and faster and lays Malakai on the couch so he can pound the fuck out of him as Malakai plays with himself.  Ethan stuffs Malakai full of his bareback dick until Malakai shoots his load and then Ethan nuts hard, leaving a trail of hot cum up Malakai’s hairy chest.
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