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BeefCakeHunter - Making love to Christian cock (FHD) mp4
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FILE NAME: BeefCakeHunter - Making love to Christian cock (FHD).mp4 CODEC ID: MPEG-4, mp42, Duration : 25 min 1 s, , Bit rate : 2 507 kb/s Screen Resolution : 1 920P X 1 080P, Display aspect ratio: 16:9
Description - Several months have passed here at BeefCakeHunter Land since I had this sexy dude for us to enjoy! So, when the opportunity finally arose, I found myself on my knees not only blowing but Making love to Christian cock, the thing is that, he has a perfect cock! I mean, how much more beautiful can that cock get? It was supposed to be another fuck scene, but I couldn't help myself to end up just dedicating to his tool. I hope you Hunters don't mind ?? My cravings for Beefcake Christian were growing by the minute while waiting for him to arrive at my hotel room and when he did, his legendary cool, easy-going attitude balanced out what was rather a hot and stormy night. Many good things have been going on for this sexy Beefcake lately. Like having a better steady job and foremost, finding out that he is not a father, for the ones that have followed his saga at BCH from his first appearance will know what I am talking about . None of these events has prevented Christian to keep in touch with me and his willingness to bring his goods over and over to BeefCakeHunter Land! Ummmmm. He is seated at the edge of the bed, ready to get serviced. I pulled down his underwear and we can see that delicious tool halfway erected. Then I thought to myself, wow, how much more comfortable he is now days compared to his first times at the BCH arena; in that moment is when I though "I am going to be Making love to Christian cock, this cock deserves a complete video dedicated to it with this new Beefcake Christian comfortableness!" In this video, not only did I focus on his cock, I went beyond some boundaries and I got my body so close to his, to enjoy his warm masculine figure in ways that few times I have done before: nipples, nipples, nipples, I gave a lot of attention to his nipples and chest, for those Hunters who love some nipple action, this video is for you! Christian's cock never went soft, I could do wonders, it was an intense, quiet but intense session that can go for long. I added some low volume sexy background music to increase the real intimacy to an already very real encounter. I know many of you were expecting for a fuck scene, but hey, don't worry, that will be coming along with other things that you want me to do to Beefcake Christian, meanwhile I hope you enjoy this Making love to Christian cock video
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