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Kian Rhodes - Omega Auction series (Audiobooks / M4B)
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(These are the four books that made up the series originally called Omega Auction. Later, books in this series and related series were combined into one large series ordered according to publication date and called the Omega Auction Chronicles Series, which has one of the other books placed in between books 3 and 4 of this series of books. I just mention this in case anyone looks up the series and gets confused. Don't worry. This set is a contained series of its own, and there are other related books int he greater collection.)

Omega Auction series
Narrated by Alexander Collins

Soul Mate for Sale, book 1


In most packs, an Omega, even one who couldn't breed, was treasured and would be revered and protected, not cast aside. But our pack was not like most packs, and I was not like most Omegas. I was human, so I understood why I was being sent to the auction. I didn't like it, but I understood it. Even if there had been affection for me, even if they had been willing to keep me as a pet (neither of these was the case, but an Omega could dream), Cal couldn't afford not to sell me.


Omegas were hard to come by worldwide. While I would have preferred to mate for love, it didn't seem that it was in the cards for me. I had taken over as pack Alpha five years earlier, and it was high time that I started adding to the pack population. Granted my pack is run less rigidly than some; the Betas in my pack are not just allowed to breed but actively encouraged to. Unfortunately, only a small number of Beta females are fertile enough to get pregnant, and I'll be damned if I am going to hump my way through the pack until I find the ones who are - which brought me full circle to why I was standing in line to pick up the bidding paddle at the auction house.

Less even than a marriage of convenience, purchasing an Omega at the auction was more of a long-term service contract, a means to an end, so what was an Alpha to do when he found his soul mate on the auction block?

Buyer Beware, book 2

Warning for violent, non-consensual acts. This book does feature a strong hurt/comfort theme that involves references (non-explicit) to a violent rape.


Until I pissed Lloyd off, I'd always thought that the Omega Auctions were an urban myth, something that packs used to scare Omegas into obeying. As it turns out, not so much. When Lloyd and Ivan delivered me to the auction house, it was immediately clear that shit had just gotten real. I could only guess at what Lloyd had written on my intake forms, but it was obvious that these people believed I was dangerous.


"Usually only one reason that an Alpha buys someone like me," Colby had said.

I watched the emotions flitting through eyes on a face set like stone and considered his words.

Colby might be bigger, stronger, and, yeah, tougher than most Omegas, but he was still an Omega. An unbonded Omega with no pack. An Omega who thought that the differences that set him apart, the differences that made my wolf scream with the need to claim him, meant that he'd stay that way.

The Mating Game, book 3


In this place, the Omega Auction House, I was nothing but a commodity. A far cry from when I had just turned 18 and after intense vetting and negotiations, my father had proudly announced that he'd placed me with the Whiskey River pack. No one could dispute that it had been a good placement, as I'd spent the next four years being spoiled and cosseted by my Alpha. Four years of sharing his life, whimpering under his touch, and raising the pups that we had created together only to find myself here. Pregnant and alone, abandoned by the Alpha who'd sworn to make me his own.


Hell and damnation! My opportunity to make a good first impression on my new Omega and damned if my grand entrance hadn't gone unnoticed. Both Omegas present were intently focused on the dragon in the room. Not only that, but the bastard had a firm grip on the neck of the sweet little redhead I had just purchased. I wasn't one to cling to the old adage that wolves and dragons had to be enemies, but seriously. Damn dragon.

One unwanted Omega plus one eager Alpha, it should be simple, right? When Kenny's former Alpha attempts to re-stake his claim, the complications mount with Kenny the grand prize in The Mating Game.

All that Glitters, book 4

"He has to go."

The words echoed through the cavernous great-room that held my cage. I could have winced at the venom dripping from the Alpha's voice. I could have cried at the injustice of being sent away after the injuries already visited upon me. I did neither, I simply closed my eyes and tried to block out the hateful noise as I breathed against the searing pain in my abdomen.

Captive or not, I would have preferred to stay in my human form – it was much more efficient at achieving a comfortable body temperature – but with neither clothing nor bedding provided in my cage to help me retain my body heat, I wouldn't have been much better off. Instead, I lay curled in my wrought iron cage, my tail wrapped tightly around my body, the tip hooked over my snout as I tried to retain every bit of warmth available in the damp, drafty castle.
"But he's an Omega," the dowager dragoness argued. "That's rare in itself, but he's a jeweled dragon!" She clucked to herself. "A jeweled Omega! Do you know how rare a combination that is?"

"Of course I do," the Alpha replied, exasperation seeping into his voice. "But the bloodlines are useless if we can't control who breeds him." He huffed and I heard a brief sizzle as his fiery breath clearly got too close to something. "Mother, he's a whore. Do you really wish to bring that type of breeding stock into the lineage?"

"No, no. Of course not," she answered, sighing heavily. "When Harold takes a mate, of course it should be one as pure as he or she is fertile." Another sigh. "The children would have been beautiful, though. Where do you intend to send him?"

"The Omega Auction," the Alpha said firmly. "That's the only place I can think of to unload him without his virginity intact without cheating anyone."
"Of course, the auction," the dragoness said slowly. "Yes, I suppose that's for the best.
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