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Fightplace - By the balls 3
In the last and hottest part auf our little “By the balls” series Jermaine first competes against Moe and then against Toni. Jermaine who already watched the fights of Hardy and Moe from the side is now hot to fight against Moe. Both have private quarrels and so he wants to fight him in the ring now. And so the fight gets really hard. Sure thing that both use mean tricks as well. An exciting fight until the very end in which both guys not only show their fighting skills but also things usually only seen by their girlfriends 😉. After 30 minutes the fight is over and it´s time for a switch. Who will be the winner will not be revealed. After that extremely hard fight between Joe and Jermaine it is time for the fight between Toni and Jermaine. Not less hard maybe even a bit more brutal since Toni cranks up. They squeeze, tie and torture like mad and cocks and balls have to suffer a lot. Toni totally heated up by the fight against Hardy before enters the ring already naked. Jermaine, who starts in a thong, does not stay dressed for a very long time as well. Toni strips and catches him by every trick in the book. Hot hot hot!

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