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Titan Men - Fallen Angel I
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Filmed in Chicago, and fueled by the IML competition, this is the first of the now legendary, multi-award winning leather series. A smack across your ass... a hand twisting your tits... a stiff cock forcing your hole open... you know what turns you on, and so does TitanMen. Fallen Angel captures the intensity of sex between men who live their lives in leather. Flogging, piercing, spitting, dildos, bondage, mummification, plus all the fucking, sucking and big cocks you'd expect. Somewhere between heaven and hell there is a place -- a place where leather is a way of life, a place where sex is a struggle for power and control, a place where the only winner is the man left standing -- somewhere between heaven and hell there is Fallen Angel! Featuring 17 defiant, unleashed leathermen, including Kyle Brandon, Cole Tucker, Jim Buck and Steve Cannon, Fallen Angel has spawned several sequels, countless imitations and ultimately raised the bar by which all fetish films are judged. It's "One of the nastiest fetish films ever made," (TLAVideo).

Studio: TitanMen

Release Date: 03/01/2012

Director: Bruce Cam

Cast: Tony Zerega, Cole Tucker, Frank Parker, Dick Labete, Tex Matson, Taurus, Steve Cannon, Kyle Brandon, Jim Buck, Marc Hamilton
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