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FratmenSUCKS - Nico and Micky
Two of the hottest guys at Fratmen get together for some stunning duo action and for one of them, it's their first time ever! Micky, a fan favorite, and veteran at turning on virtually everyone he meets, decides its time to initiate Nico into the world of steaming guy on guy action! Micky takes the lead and encourages Nico to explore his incredibly hot body with his hands and mouth. For his first time with another guy, Nico quickly becomes aroused and like so many can't get enough of Micky's hot body. The action heats up as the boys make it obvious they can't get enough of each other. This is the the latest in our Fratmen In Private series where members direct the action. In this case, these guys are so hot for each other there wasn't much need for direction. These two super hot guys left each other covered in sticky sweet sweat and cum, exhausted, and ready for the next round.
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