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SeanCody - 1137 - Vince
Released November 7, 2010
Vince grew up in the Northwest and loves the adrenaline of winter sports. He snow boards, skis, snowmobiles, ice fishes and shovels driveways. He loves it. So, his first time away from home was a pretty big culture shock for him.

“How have you liked your experience here in California so far?”

“It’s been a trip.”

“What’s your favorite thing about it?”

“The different people.”

“So, if you were back home right now, what would you be doing?”

“Probably out playing a sport, doing something.”

Vince is going to school for a degree in Sports Medicine and he maintains a healthy workout routine. He was a little shy about getting undressed, as he admitted he’d never really been naked in front of other guys before. But they shyness wore off and he was quickly showing off his beautiful body!
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