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badmanrobin8 - Robin 3 - It takes 2 to tango… fantastic bareback fuck
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Badmanrobin8 - Robin 3 - It takes 2 to tango… fantastic bareback fuck

Robin & Richard


34 minutes 49 seconds

540p 16:9

This is the last video I made with Robin during my stopover in Taipei. It’s one of my personal favorites. I left it virtually unedited, so you can see the full 35 minutes. The chemistry, sensuality and genuine uninhibited horniness with this boy was awesome. We had so much fun playing with the camera, exhibiting our intense pleasure to all you guys. This video has a lot of very hot verbal and moaning.

After fucking 3 times and sightseeing the city of Taipei the day before it was time for a good night’s sleep. Of course we both woke up very horny in the morning. We put the camera down again and I got turned on by seeing myself get excited as he skillfully sucks my cock with his thick lips and warm and soft mouth till it’s hard as a bone. He is also very excited as I suck him as he stands in front of me on the bed. I make him extra horny for taking my cock again. Then I gently turn him around and start licking his quivering, already moist boy hole. See the pleasure in his eyes as he feels my tongue play with his boy pussy. I finger him while I jerk my rock-hard dick. In the close up you see me taking with the phone you will understand why I am so intensely enjoying licking his ass, it’s super beautiful!! And it’s still very open and fuckable from the 3 times the day before. See the anticipating look in his eyes as I prepare him to take my cock again. Watch the look in his eyes as I sink it inside his warm hole again. He moans so loud as he feels how hard my cock is and how deep I go inside him. Then he turns around and rides me, his cock hard as a rock. Exhibitionist as he is, he suggests to move closer to the camera so you can guys can see better how he rides my pole. Then I turn him on his side and play with myself as I bury my tongue in his even hotter hole again. The fact that my cock has already been in there and I can taste and smell my own turns me on. I lube up my pole again while I kiss him passionately on his thick wet lips and fuck him gently on his side as I spread his legs for the best view and the deepest penetration. Feet lovers get a nice closeup of our feet in this position. I am clearly edging here and can’t go faster or I will blow deep inside him. He whispers in my ear that he wants my dick in there forever. my rock hard dick slips out and I turn him on his back and he moans loudly as I sink it deep inside him again. Missionary is still one of my favorites as I can roll my hips in a way that my curved cock gives the bottoms pleasure in a way they have never felt before. “The motion of the ocean” I like to call it.

I pick up my phone to shoot a nice Point of View-shot as you see my butt muscles clench as I work his insides with my cock. After the POV I lift his ass up a bit and impale him as deep as I can. I turn him doggy style and he eagerly offers me his ass, making sure you guys can see it well. I fuck him deep doggy style and he moans loudly as I pull his hair. We move back on the bed for a great full frame view as I edge in his ass. It’s so warm and open now. He picks up the phone and makes a POV to catch my facial expression and body movements as I slide inside him. I turn him on his back again and can no longer hold it and shoot right in his face. Unfortunately I can’t show you the close-up as I held the cam the wrong way round. Well, I was never good at multitasking anyway lol. But then I slide my cock in again to catch his MASSIVE cumshot. Watch the amazement in my eyes when I see him cum, I love the way he puts his feet against my sides when he cums. Unbelievable how much and far this guy shoots, time and time again. All 4 times we fucked he shot like a fountain. He shot so far that he hit my backpack that was parked in the corner of the room. As I turned the camera off he says he’s dizzy….
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