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MSR - Manplay28 - Tough Guys
Starring: Arpad Miklos, Blu Kennedy, Danny Hunter, Dean Santiago, Dillon Press, Fyerfli, Marco Paris, Michael Soldier, Mike Grant, Nick Piston, Rhet Hengst, Sam Dixon, Tom Lazzari, Trent Cougar

Directed by Tony Alizzi and Mac Larson

In "The New Hire," mechanic Blu Kennedy is alone during lunch and decides to whip out his blue-veiner and wank in the men's room. His new boss, Mike Grant, walks in on him and stands there while Kennedy beats off. The casual manner in which the two talk while Kennedy strokes is amazingly hot. Grant fits the "daddy" image beautifully and encourages Kennedy to keep going while he pulls out his own meat. The chemistry between the two is palpable, particularly the way that Grant tentatively takes Kennedy's pink cockhead in his mouth and meets Kennedy's gaze. After the amazing deep throating, Kennedy returns the favor and then opens his pale cheeks for Grant to dive into. Kennedy gets impaled over and over by the dominating bulk of Grant's thrusting body (and Kennedy keeps his hard-on the whole time!). The casting in this scene is brilliant; Kennedy's pale youthful body contrasts starkly with the rugged and tanned features of Grant and makes this one of the strongest scenes in the movie.
In "Good Cop/Bad Cop," detective Trent Cougar threatens conman Michael Soldier into giving one of the best blow jobs of Soldier's esteemed porn careers. Hesitant and appearing for all the world like this is the first time he's had a man's dick in his mouth (complete with a sneering mouthful of cock and gagging), Soldier starts off disgusted and ends up power-deep-throating Cougar and begging to get fucked. The anal sequence features strong performances from both, but it's the drawn out oral foreplay that really got me going.
"Spare Room" features a little rough-and-tumble wrestling from Dean Santiago and his father's tenant, Rhet Hengst. Hengst bullies the younger Santiago into sucking his cock in the old "alpha male" ploy and then rams it deep inside Santiago's bowels. Although the other scenarios in Tough Guys is better, I didn't fast forward through this scene, and, no, it's not just because it's my job to watch it.
"Bukkake Garage" stars the kind of rough trade, tattooed guys that you would want to find in a garage. After Tom Lazzari confirms that Sam Dixon is "up to it," he calls his buddies who file in one by one to get a nice, slow hummer from Dixon. Throughout the scene, the guys start shedding clothes and exchanging hand jobs -- no one kisses or gets fucked. The sense that it really is just a big circle jerk is pretty believable. One by one, they all jack off on Dixon and Lazzari's face and chest. Fuck Jiffy Lube -- I'm going here for my next oil change.
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