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Falcon - Jocks - Convictions Part 2 DVD
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Cast:  Colby Taylor, Marcus Iron, Lane Fuller, Nino Bacci, Blake Harper, Mike Kennedy, Anthony Lafont, Jeremy Tucker, Addison Scott

Convictions Part 2 is virtually guaranteed to put the starch in your sex stick. As Part 2 begins, the sexual scenarios brought about by the mysterious elixir from Part 1 continue.

First, frosted blonde lovely Fuller’s porn fantasy comes to life as the cute (though tradey) Iron shoves his mega-member into Fuller’s face. Fuller gobbles it down like a starving man before Iron begins riding his face. Fuller then applies his oral expertise to Iron’s fuzzy rosette, as Iron’s pendulous ballsack spills over his face. Iron also takes his turn as the licker and sucker, but it isn’t long before Fuller is on his back, legs in the air, with Iron’s huge-headed monster relentlessly battering his bum. Fuller’s money shot is a classic - it shoots all the way up to his neck! Iron, not to be outdone, frosts Fuller’s face with his spunk, and then licks it off.

In the next scene, dusky Tucker has his turn with Iron. This scene has much of the same elements as the scene before it, with the exception of Iron doing a stint as bottom boy for Tucker’s uncut chocolate treat. Iron rides Tucker like a pro, until he eventually loses control and dumps his load. Tucker then follows suit by glazing Iron’s chest with his steaming goo.

Next, swaggering Harper informs us that he does not suck dick or get fucked - he’s all man, dammit. After one swig of the secret solution, however, it’s "Hello Queen Mary!" Harper gets embroiled in a fiery foursome consisting of stunningly handsome (and bald as a cue ball) Scott, Mike Kennedy and Anthony Lafont. After a sweaty, fleshy free-for-all, Harper becomes pussy-boy for each of his new friends.

Harper and Scott are then left to their own devices, one of those devices being a slender hose. Scott gives Harper a tap water enema, and Harper demonstrates his legendary high-pressure sphincter action by propelling the water out with the greatest of ease. Now thoroughly waterlogged, Harper caps off the scene by jerking off, an act lovingly captured from a "below the belt" camera angle.

In the final segment, Bacci and his former lover Taylor engage in some lengthy and erotically charged kissing and rimming, before Bacci slips it in, shtupping Taylor with great gusto. Incredible camerawork captures every scintillating moment of the action.

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