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Watch Evan gets his tight pink hole fucked raw & bred by Seth Chase!

Scruffy Ginger Breeding - Evan normally prefers to top than to bottom. In the interview he tells us he rarely gets fucked and it’s been about a year since he’s gotten boned up the ass. He states, “I’m going to be sore tomorrow…” Yes, yes you will be Evan, but only in a good way. Scruffy Ginger Breeding -

Evan unzips Seth’s pants to get a good look his cock. He likes what he sees and goes in for a taste. He takes Seth’s dick deep down his throat getting it nice and hard so it can be inserted into his backdoor.

Scruffy Ginger Breeding - Seth is now fully hard from having Evan’s face on his dick. Evan pops up his ass and is ready to get pounded raw. Evan takes off his jeans exposing his cute buns and a semi-hardon. He giggles as he bends over; he was probably nervous. Scruffy Ginger Breeding -

After some quick fingering to loosening up Evan’s super tight hole, Seth squeezes out some clear pre-cum from his cock and smears is all over his dick head. There’s nothing better than nature’s lube. Seth now slides his raw cock in Evan’s hole. Evan is clearly super tight as you’ll see by his facial reactions and heavy breathing displayed with each thrust.
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