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Le Salon - Hot Off The Press (1984) DVD
VintageBarebackPre-Condomanaloralgeneral hardcorepre-condom
director T.J. Thomas

Brad Mason
Michael Christopher
Michael Cumming
Robert Vega
Trent Washington
U Clay Russell
U David Ashfield
U Jon King
U Matt Ramsey
U Rob Wright (80s)
foot notes:
U=Uncredited performance;

Six loosely connected scenes tied to a printer's shop.

1. Matt Ramsey, Michael Cumming
Michael Cummings delivers a package, a suck, a rim and a fuck to printer Brian (Matt Ramsey).

2. Jon King, Rob Wright (80s)
Dennis (Jon King) arrives to buy a print machine but instead leaves an impression of his own dick in both ends of receptionist Tony (Rob Wright).

3. Brad Mason, Michael Christopher
Landlord Scott (Michael Christopher) takes shop owner Glen (Brad Mason) fore and aft.

4. Jon King, Clay Russell
Dennis pulls the same suck and fuck trick with print shop assisant manager Steve (Clay Russell).
[See picture magazine The Print Master's Apprentice.]

5. David Ashfield, Brad Mason
Glen makes out with lover Tim (David Ashfield).

6. Robert Vega, Trent Washington
Jason (Robert Vega) sucks with Greg (Trent Washington) in the living room.

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