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Unzipped - [2] for the Taking
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Leave it to a bunch of horny men to invent a party game that beats the hell out of the tried-and-true spin-the-bottle game. The plot is simple: midway through a party, eight attractive men drop their car keys into a fishbowl. The four single partygoers have the enviable task of blindly fishing out a set of keys, possibly the keys of one of the coupled men in the room.
The opening sets the sexy tone, makes the relationships between these guys very clear, and creates a tangible thrill of expectation that carries through the vignettes that follow. After everyone has chosen a fuck-buddy for the evening (if only it were that easy), the newly-matched lovers head off to find a private cozy corner in the house to get naked and have at it.
Tattooed Jacob Slider hesitates before taking on Latin stud Sergio Anthony, belly-down on the guest bed. I mean, what if this isn't okay with Sergio's boyfriend? In an electric moment, a dressed Sergio replies by unbuttoning his chinos, exposing his bubble-butt, and simply saying, "Fuck me." Jacob doesn't need a more direct invitation. Jacob mounts him, grinding into Sergio's ass. The director breaks the routine by getting right to the fucking. But first, Jacob licks Sergio's hole, getting it wet as he gets ready to plunge in deep. Jacob has the thickest and hottest cock in the film, and he has a penchant for using it like a stabbing tool, roughly thrusting and poking even before he's truly fucking. This is frottage at its best. Several minutes into the fucking, Sergio hasn't even flipped over, he's entirely content to remain on his tummy and get anally assaulted without moving an inch. When they finally do get face-to-face, we get our first glimpses of Sergio's cock as he jerks it. The pairing concludes with some oral action, Sergio eagerly stuffing into his mouth with what he just took up his ass. Jacob's lip curls, à la Billy Idol, as he blows spunk, then he gives Sergio a helping hand.
The host for the evening, Brandon Lee, has snagged Cade Devlin's keys. These guys have chosen the bathroom as their playpen and things quickly get moving with intense petting and kissing. Brandon and Cade help each other unbutton too-tight jeans until they find themselves hotly rubbing in their underwear, one in boxers, one in briefs. Smooth, muscled and pale, Cade is the first to drop to his knees on the cold tiled floor, putting as much of Brandon into his mouth as he can. Brandon is a pal and returns the sexual favor, but has the foresight to help Cade up onto the bathroom sink for the mutual blowjob. I mean, who wants to kneel on cold tile? Using one hand to jerk and the other to finger Cade's blond hole, Brandon goes to town. Cade's pucker then gets more intimate attention from Brandon's tongue. Brandon makes a remarkable top, taking Cade first over the bathroom sink before putting his partner belly-down on the floor to finish. After spraying cream on his own thigh, Brandon gets a messy facial from Cade, one of the best cum-shots in the film.
It's no accident that the best-bodied models, Kyle Lewis and Arpad Miklos get matched up. The romantic kisses these two share are enough to put the starch in any cocksucker's shorts. Shirts come off first, and we get to see eager petting and groping before Kyle inevitably faces Arpad's snake of a dick. Every black hair on Arpad's tanned Hungarian body is perfection, hair delicious enough to tug on as he's getting head. Arpad gets Kyle off the couch long enough to have a cock duel before he drops to the floor to suck on Kyle's prick. Where Arpad is tanned and furry, Kyle is creamy and smooth. The two indulge in some pit worship before Kyle gets a taste of unshaved hole. Not to be left out, Arpad sits on the couch, spreads his legs, and invites Kyle to sit on the back of the couch, directly atop his upturned face. Both pricks point skyward as Arpad shows Kyle how to give a proper rim. Raring to go, Kyle rides Arpad's dick, his entire weight carried by Arpad. As the fuck gets more heated, Arpad puts Kyle onto his back to get leverage for deeper dicking. Both buddies blow their loads, careful not to spray spunk on the leather couch. This was easily my favorite scene. Hot.
Antonio Montez approaches the somewhat reluctant Marco Paris, with Marco's keys snuggly dangling from his erect dong. Not one to turn away from a stiff dick, though, Marco opens up, taking every opportunity to play with ample foreskin as he jerks his own prick. And, like most of the pairings so far, the sex is mutual. Antonio licks Marco's pole, and Marco sees this as a prime opportunity to finger Antonio's dark hairy butt, digging in deep with his fingers to expose the pink inner hole. The frenzied assplay leads to spectacular rims from and for both. Until it happens, it's not clear who's going to be getting plowed. My money was on Marco. And, sure enough, Marco puts it to Antonio like a true top. The surprise came when Marco gets on his side to give it up for Antonio. Versatility is the way to go, baby!
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