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Musclebound - Muscle Play - Trace Michaels & Adam Rogue
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Massive Muscle-god Adam Rogue has an sports injury, and visit the therapist after hours. As soon as he gets on the table, Adam decides that he doesn't want to be helped--and his friend smoking hot Trace Michaels and Mulengro are Urged to restrain him...for his own good.
Trace Michaels just can't stop himself. Now that Adam's in a compomising position, he can't help but "relax" his friend by sucking him off. And Trace relaxes the shit out of him.  
We finish off with Doctor Mulengro, and then go to a Roman Chair. This chair is built for two--Adam Rogue in the back and Trace Michaels in the front. They are tied in the position to one thing -- fuck,  with the massive Adam Rogue attempting to get control over Trace Michaels. Trace is loving every minute of it, and to two go at it until they are both exhausted!

Run Time: 36:04

Muscle Play from was originally from :
"Predicaments" Scene 2. Steel Mill Media.
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