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MormonBoyz - Elder Dalton - The Covenant (With Bishop Hart) (1080P)
Elder Dalton crawled on his hands and knees behind Bishop Hart. The handsome older man had placed him in just a priesthood robe, a soft, pleated garment that barely kept his nakedness concealed. As he moved, he worried his knees would pull at it, causing him to be stripped down unexpectedly.

This worry, he thought, seemed odd and misplaced. He’d been naked in front of Bishop Hart before. He’d even felt the older man inside him. Still, with all that considered, it was hard for him to completely shake off the strict ideologies he’d been raised to uphold. …Or perhaps it was seeing President Lee standing in the back of the room that made him so unnerved.

He wasn’t quite sure where there were, only that he had to come through a tiny door like a dog to get into it. All he could see around was the four walls, a large bed in the center, and President Lee watching like a Buckingham Palace guard.

Bishop Hart sat on the foot of the bed, leading Dalton to kneel before him. Again, the young missionary felt much like a trained pet, but found it impossible to dissent. Hart’s steely face and powerful presence was intoxicating to him, making him forget all his principles and beliefs, replacing them with a sole desire to please.

“Take of my socks and shoes,” Bishop Hart ordered, lifting his left foot up slightly. He stared down at the young boy, as if carefully detecting if he would object. Instead, Dalton simply responded, “Yes sir.”

The boy took off the soft, white slippers Bishop Hart wore. He peeled off his socks as well, feeling his hands rub against his soft soles. Hart pointed him to a bowl of water and a cloth, indicating for him to wash his feet.

Dalton remembered the significance of such an act from his scripture readings, knowing it to be a sign of respect and love. And he did. Deep down, Elder Dalton loved and respected Bishop Hart. Possibly more than any other man in his life. The only other who could compare might be President Lee, who stood in silence observing his submission.

As his hands worked the man’s soles, wetting them and washing them, he couldn’t believe how quickly he’d found himself in this position. Just weeks prior, it was as if he’d been seeing the world in black and white. Now, without any warning, he was experiencing colors and flavors and feelings he’d never known. And even though he knew he was there to serve, he was incredibly grateful.

Bishop Hart could see the selfless work the boy was doing. He stood him up and kissed him gently on the forehead. It caught Dalton off-guard, not expecting such a pleasant gesture. The surprising embraced made his heart flutter… and churned up the fire in his loins.

While he stood, Bishop Hart ran his hands down the boy’s shoulders, feeling his arms and body. He wasn’t just smooth, his skin was soft. Were it not for the knowledge of having taken the boy’s virginity, he would have guessed he was as pure and untouched as a freshly ripened peach.

His adoration of him grew and grew, leading him to quickly remove this temple shield. The large, white fabric fell to the ground in a swift motion, exposing the boy’s naked, supple body to him… and revealing his fully engorged erection. It seemed it didn’t take more than a kiss and a touch to bring the boy to full arousal, something Bishop Hart and President Lee both greatly appreciated.

“Down,” Bishop Hart ordered, bringing the boy back down to his knees. As Dalton assumed his position, Hart then placed a hand on the back of his head, pressing him in on his crotch. The boy’s forehead made contact with the older man’s waistband, feeling the rise in his crotch meet the tip of his nose.

“Keep you head there,” Hart continued, holding the boy in place. He paused for a moment, bracing him between his thighs. He then removed his hand, feeling the boy keep his position still, and began to remove his shirt.

Elder Dalton kept his eyes downward, seeing the mound of cloth below him, knowing what lies beneath. He wanted to look up and see Bishop Hart peeling off his clothes and revealing his athletic body, but he didn’t want to disobey him in the slightest.

Pulling the tie from his neck and unbuttoning his shirt, Bishop Hart couldn’t help but crack an amused smile, feeling the incredible power and authority he had. The boy stayed in place like there was an extra force of gravity keeping him still, only he knew it was nothing more than his own say.

Once his shirt was off, Bishop Hart luxuriated in his power, holding the boy’s head between his hands, rubbing his crotch against his face playfully. Elder Dalton felt his mouth water, feeling both the excitement of being controlled, but also keenly aware of the rising erection beneath the white, cotton pants.

Bishop Hart raised the boy’s face to meet his. Still holding him on either side, he lifted his mouth and kissed him. He could taste the salivation of anticipation as their lips touched, making Hart crack another amused smile.

Hart stood up from his edge of the bed. Rising to his feet, he unbuttoned his pants and watched the look on Dalton’s face as they fell to the floor. He could see Dalton’s eyes intensify, staring at the semi-sheer garments beneath them and the throbbing cock they contained.

Dalton was so overwhelmed with desire and hunger, he didn’t even wait for Bishop Hart to give him an order. He reached his tiny hands into the waistband of his leader’s garments and pulled out his warm, thick member, feeling it pulse in his grip.

With that, he wasted not time in bringing it past his lips and onto his tongue, tasting it as it filled his mouth completely. Dalton pulled down the garments completely, letting the bishop’s genitals lay freely in front of him. Bishop Hart placed a hand on the back of the boy’s head once more, only this time he casually caressed his close-cropped hair.

Elder Dalton worshipped him. He wanted everything from him. He loved his cock, his body, even the way he made him feel small and powerless. Somehow it connected with him deep inside, and he knew he would do anything for him…
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