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DirtyTony - Alessio Romero & Seth Santoro
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Seth Santoro and Alessio Romero want to get to know each other better. And what better way to get personal on a hot day than a little Truth and Stare (tighty-whiteys for Seth in case you were wondering)? These two studs are definitely working up an appetite for each other, so once the question of which body part is their favorite rolls around Seth's eyes light up when Alessio says he likes a nice hot ass to play with. Seth confesses that he has a major taste for hot cocks, and is only too happy to offer his ass up for Alessio's enjoyment. Alessio peels back his shorts to show off an already stiff cock, just waiting for Seth to get down to work on it. Seth wags that thick cock around a couple times before diving down on it while Alessio gets to work on kneading Seth's round ass cheeks. Once Seth's lips are warmed up, Alessio grabs the back of Seth's head and drives his throat down on his stiff rod. Then he quickly flips Seth over and pounces on his hot butt crack, driving his tongue deep in that hole as Seth's eyes roll back. Alessio's stubble gets Seth's butt crack nice and pink before he slides his hard tool deep inside his hot hole. With his hands on Seth's shoulders, Alessio commences to delivering a serious pounding, driving in deeper and deeper while his balls slap Seth's taint. Seth quickly rolls onto his back so he can get some face to face pounding from Alessio. As Alessio delivers full long stokes, he holds Seth's ankles high in the air, pounding away at Seth's prostate until he moans loudly for more. Seth's toes curl as Alessio stretches his buddy's hole. Next, Seth jumps to his feet and squats down until he has Alessio balls deep inside him and riding his cock. Seth's back arches as he feels that cock nailing his prostate from every angle. Pretty soon, Seth can't hold back anymore and blows his load all over Alessio's thighs, leaving a thick creamy load to run down the sides. Then he climbs off and gets his mouth ready to catch Alessio's load as it sprays all over.

Released Oct 8 2014
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