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William Higgins - Str8Hell - Milan Neros - SPANKING
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Released 6/18/2019

Milan Neros is blindfolded, shackled and gagged and wearing just his underwear. His tormentor soon arrives and begins to feel over that sexy body and slap on the chest. Milan moans and writhes around as the hands pull on his nipples and slap his chest. The nipples are clamped too as Milan moans. His taut body feels the heavy hand slapping on it . The hand gropes Milan's underwear too. Then his cock and balls are pulled out as well. The clamps are removed and then Milan's foreskin is stretched. That foreskin feels a clamp being attached too. Then it is pulled hard. His underwear is removed and oil is dripped onto the cock. That dick is wanked as Milan's chest is slapped some more. The big cock gets hard as it is wanked. Then a riding crop is used on that hot body. Milan's moans are relentless as he feels it all. He is turned over, onto his knees, exposing his hot ass and the tight hole. That ass is spanked and the cheeks are spread to show that hole. Those ass cheeks colour well as the heavy hands spank on them. Milan's tight hole is spanked too. and a finger rubs over it. The finger pushes into his hot fuck hole, making him moan louder. He turns over again and wanks his cock as his ass is spanked and his hole gets fingered again. With the finger working his ass hole Milan soon shoots his hot cum all over the place. Then that sexy ass gets some more spanking to end a great scene.
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