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Spunk - Hung and Young Bareback
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Hung And Young Bareback

Running Time: 87 minutes
Released: 08/2007
Studio: Spunk Video
Director: Darrin Stevens

Cast: Logan Moore, Jake Stone, Chaz Freely, Chris Rico, Alex Keys, Seth King, Cody Anderson, Edwardo Steel


Darrin Stevens, the master of young lust porn, has done it again. He's brought together four hot-as-fuck young couples to consummate their nubile relationships with loads of cum shot on and in their asses and mouths. Keep your cum rag handy because you'll need to wipe up your load after the first scorching scene.


Scene 1: Logan Moore, Jake Stone

The boys start out with Logan sucking Jake, getting that long rod sopping wet with spit. I love working with Logan because he has tremendous energy, whether he tops or bottoms. He was so eager to get that cock in his ass, and one he does, he rides it like a pro. However, Jake turned out to be quite a show off, and he wanted me to see just how good a top fucker he was. So the guys switch up, and Jake mounts Logan from behind, and starts working his ass giving his long strokes, pulling his cock all the way out and shoving it back in all the way. Logan’s mouth drops open as Jake plumbs the depths on his insides. Personally, I love the way that Jake’s smooth sack bangs against Logan’s boy butt. Then Jake gets Logan on his back throwing the bottom's legs over his head, and attacking his young raw hole. Jake gives him a
series of short thrusts and he works his way to cumming, and then delivers a beautiful creamy load all over Logan's well-fucked boy hole. Jake then reinserts and proceeds to fuck the cum out of Logan, who squeezes out a gusher from his own ample meat.

Scene 2: Cody Anderson, Edward Steele

Edwardo starts off by sucking Cody hard, and of course with an 18 year olds dick it doesn’t take much. Cody returns the favor, and the boys kiss and get acquainted. Cody then lifts Edwardo's legs and slides his tongue in between the layers of fur, right to Edwardo’s bung hole. Cody moistens the hole and gets it as ready as it’s ever gonna be for that meat missile. Edwardo grimaces as he's impaled by Cody’s cock, and the long thick meat stretches his hole open. Cody starts to pump slowly as he plumbs the depths of Edwardo's guts. The boys switch positions, and it so easy to tell that Edwardo is enjoying being fucked
with that big dick, as his own stick cock reveals just how much he likes it. But the really hot thing about this scene is when Cody is fucking and getting ready to cum, and his dick pops out of Edwardo's hairy ass and spurts like a gusher. The sight of that big just eighteen cock spewing spunk is a thing to behold. Talk about the fountain of youth. Of course, Edwardo wants that sperm in his ass and reaches around back and pushes the wet piece back inside of him. Whew!

Scene 3: Chaz Freely, Chris Rico

Chaz starts off by sucking Chris hard, and given his age he gets hard with very little stimulation. Chris returns the favors,
and once both guys are hard, they get down for a little 69 action. Then Chris turns Chaz around and starts tonguing his hole, getting it really for that rigid young dick of his. Once it’s nicely wet Chris stands up works his upturned cock into Chaz's hole. You can tell it’s tight as 20-something's ass would be, as Chaz can’t get all of his cock in at once, and has to slide it in and out a few times to open the bottom boy up. Chris starts fucking with intensity, and Chaz just loves it. He may be young, but he knows how to back his ass up onto his buddy’s big cock. Chris gets Chaz on his back, and Chaz proceeds to work a load out of his own thick white cock, and then Chris pulls out, and sperms Chaz pink hole, before stuffing the remainder of the cream filling back inside the twinkie.

Scene 4: Alex Keys, Seth King

The guys start out kissing and then quickly move to some good ole fashioned cock-sucking. Seth is the first one to take dick in his mouth, as he goes down on Alex’s thick schlong. Alex's cock is truly a beautiful piece of boy beef, which Seth slobbers over lovingly. Alex returns the favor and chomps on Seth's long cock, while Seth leans over and plays with Alex’s ass. Seth rolls over and Alex spreads Seth’s bubble butt cheeks and tongues Seth’s sweet pink hole. Seth just loves this and moans as Alex’s pierced tongue tickles his most intimate flesh. While they were hesitant to bareback on film, Alex climbs on top of Seth, and sits right down on the cute boy’s stiff cock, while Seth starts fucking him from underneath. Seth’s cock is rock hard at this point, and if you look closely you can see the throbbing vein as he pounds away. Seth looks into Alex’s eyes every other stroke, to see if his bottom is enjoying it as much as he is. Seth dismounts, and then the guys lay down side by side jerking their dick, and Seth is ready to cum and delivers a big load all over Alex’s face, sticking his dick in to make certain Alex can taste his juice. Alex gives Seth as good as he got, spewing his load all over Alex’s face, chest, and lips.
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