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Shotgun Lightning Rod 560x416 1h08m02s avi
BDSMbondageCBTchainselectro-stimextreme painleatheranal action (if any) is always 'safe sex'
LIGHTNING ROD 560x416 1h08m02s AVI 688 mbs

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Featuring: Steve Parker, Roger, Lars Olafa

Built, handsome, masculine and hairy Steve Parker makes his Shotgun debut doing what he likes best. A sterilized metal sound about the size of a railroad spike is inserted deep into Steve's long and thick dick. Even though tightly bound, steve lunges upward, fucking his own dick with the spike. Amazingly, when the spike is electrified, Steve's dick gets even bigger!

Most mortals can only fantasize about this kind of turbocharges S&M. It's another Shotgun first in intense muscle erotica. The unbelievable tension of sensation racked muscle will have your nuts squirming to let the spunk fly. Just try to hold out as long as super stud Steve Parker does! This one man sperm factory actually shoots the spike out of his swollen dick in a wild blast of cum the flies all over the dungeon!

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