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Falcon - Jocks - Sex, Guys and Videotape
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Director: Bruce Cam

Bill Marlowe
Dean Johnson
Hank Conrad
Jason Andrews
Les Stine
Marc Saber

MEN...Bulging muscles glistening with sweat...a huge, thick cock being pumped-growing larger and stiffer with each stroke...a rock solid ass being primed-ready for that big dick to fuck it raw...the touch of leather gloves caressing a smooth tanned torso...the sting of those gloves as they come down hard on that firm pale butt writhing in ecstasy...the smell of leather, its taste familiar and arousing caress, exciting that warm needs to be filled...the taste of a jockstrap, dreaming of the stiff contents-bulging out from hot aching thickness...MEN...taking it to the limit as they shove their huge stiff cocks into tight assholes, opening them up-wider and deeper….filling them with their intensity...thrust after thrust, slow then faster and more urgent...pools of hot pearly satisfaction traversing rippled stomachs, streams of slick exuberance arching out of giant stiff dicks...muscular bodies heaving from the release...then collapsing in unburdened satisfaction.

Hank Conrad and Dean Johnson enjoy a session of sucking and fucking while Marc Saber watches remotely, stroking himself off.

Leather clad Bill Marlowe gives eager sub man Jason Andrews a hard slick workout with teasing, assplay, sucking and fucking.

Les Stine starts off stroking in solo and is later joined by studs Dean Johnson, Bill Marlowe, Hank Conrad and Jason Andrews in a billowing lavendar orgy.

Les Stine and Mark Andrews get down and dirty together in a searing scene of eager lust.
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