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BlacksOnBoys - Nic Sahara, Ray Diesel, August Alexander and Jacen Zhu
Released April 26, 2019

The pool party: sun and fun, drinks and frolics…and sometimes more — depending whose pool party you're attending! Enter Nic Saraha, loves attending pool parties and loves throwing them as well. Most of his pool parties are big deals — lots of people, lots of drinks, lots of sun and fun!
Some of his pool parties are small, intimate affairs…like the one you're about to witness. Today Nic's invited three studs over to his place: August Alexander, Jacen Zhu, and Ray Diesel. While they'll sit by the pool, it won't be for long! Instead, they'll spend a short amount of time in the sun and a whole lotta time having fun.
This all goes down in Nic's fancy bachelor pad, of course! Nic's the center of attention today at Blacks On Boys. The studs are about to suck and fuck their day away, stretching Nic's hole until he's forced to tap out.
There's a whole lotta man working Nic's delicate pussy. Actually, there's three of them — and after all of the buddies are just flat-out exhausted, it'll be time for a super-hot jerkoff sesh that ends in Nic being covered in the hot, sweet, sticky stuff…
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