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Gay short movies HD Pack (2004-2015 / English)
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Gay short movies HD Pack (2004-2015 /  English)

01. A Day in the Life of a Lost Boy (2004)
An attractive, talented young man can’t get through a day without sex and drugs, as much as he tries. On this day he does his best to stay focused and get his life together.

02. A little bit (2012)
A bittersweet drama that documents the relationship dynamics between two young men, Sam and Will, over a period of time, placing their romantic feelings under scrutiny. The film depicts their very human sense of fragility and vulnerability, but ultimately, also of their maturity. Piece by piece, they develop a bond, but love has its own limitations, bit by bit, we see their certainty slip away. Following a chance encounter, the pair discover that they still care for each other. Despite residual feelings, they simply acknowledge their shared past, recognizing that love can come in many forms.

03. A Place of My Own (2014)
Joseph is a young boy caught between his conservative mother and his desire to dress up in girls' clothes. This divide erects irreversible barriers between his mother and him.

04. Adonis (2014)
A non-narrative story about two twin brothers and the danger one of them puts everyone in by pursuing the sport of bodybuilding by any means necessary. Loosely adapted from it's feature length script 'Adonis.'

05. After the Sky Turned Black (2012)
After losing his vision in a terrorist bombing, renowned photographer Frankie West closes off from the world, eventually forcing his frustrated boyfriend, Graham, to abandon him. Months later, a bitter and reclusive Frankie dedicates his time to seducing young men who sound exactly like his ex.

06. Battlefield (2012)
The emotional negotiation of a one-night stand between two men bound by habit and idiosyncrasy. A contemporary snapshot of where Aussie gay men are on the issue of single-serve love and their desire for more.

07. Brace (2013)
Do you ever really know who you're falling in love with?

08. Call me sometime (2012)
This film, written, produced and directed by Andy Halliday, tells the story of a young man who “falls down the rabbit hole” after getting sober.

09. Changed (2014)
Changed is a short dramedy about a gay couple that explores the significance of family while struggling to keep their own relationship alive.

10. Dol (2011)
A gay Korean-American man yearns for a family life just out of reach.

11. I love you so much (2014)
This film tells, in a comical way, the situation that arises when the lovely couple John and Sebastian have just discovered that their lottery ticket is the winning ticket of a million dollars. They will love so much... but maybe not each other.

12. Lost & Broken (2013)
It's been a long dark rainy night. Scott is ready to close up the bar when a broken down ex-model named Jimmy walks in asking for a drink. A sad, but hopeful Gay Love Story with Film Noir undertones.

13. Midnights with Adam (2013)
Over the course of one night, a newly out-of -the-closet young man struggles to hold back his feelings for his straight best friend while dealing with the problems and complications of being different in a hetero-normative world.

14. Puertas Adentro (en.sub) (2013)
During Summertime, Nahuel moves to his friends to spend vacation time together. Between drinks, weed and foolish games, sexual tension starts to raise, but none of them dares to take the first step.

15. Rite of Spring (2014)
Set during the dog days of summer, a group of teenage boys inhabit a makeshift bike part in a secluded wooded area of Toronto. David (14) craves the attention of Peter (17), an older boy and a natural leader to the group, while being mercilessly teased by his best friend, John (14). When their hidden world is breached by an outsider, anger, fear and misunderstanding lead to a violent outburst.

16. Small-Time Revolutionary (2010)
England, 1988. Thatcher, New Order, Section 28, The Kants. Russell finds himself caught between two opposing worlds and needs to decide whether to keep up the appearances or stand up for who he is.

17. Stay (2013)
Ben and Jake love each other, but they both know their love had a deadline.

18. Swipe Right (2014)
Social media is here to stay and dating has never been more complicated.

19. The Anniversary (2009)
The 20-min film delves into the lives of Wai Kit, a 23-year-old undergrad who lives with his 27-year-old insurance agent boyfriend, Justin, as they approach their first anniversary with differing expectations and values shaped by their earlier relationship experiences. While Justin is described as being “remarkably idealistic, believing in the virtues of monogamy,” Wai Kit has been “in and out of relationships”. To complicate matters, Justin’s participation at a ‘party-and-play’ session just months before meeting Justin comes back to haunt him.

20. The Apple Tree (2012)
When Gabe and Jonathan fall in love in the 1940s, they decide to spend their lives together in secret. But when Jonathan unexpectedly passes away years later, Gabe is faced with the fact that many Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender elders face when they move into retirement homes...he must return into the closet.

21. The Eunuch (2012)
The Eunuch is coming to grips with his life after a traumatic "adventure" that cost him his manhood.

22. The Naturalist (2012)
A gay man living in a genetically modified society is given the chance to alter his sexuality. He must weigh his loving relationship, his dignity and his survival in this short film about the origins of sexuality.

23. Think Of England (2010)
Think Of England’ is ambitious short film about a young hustler trying to find himself in a broken down london in 1984.

24. Undetectable (2015)
A gay man living with undetectable HIV must confront the guilt tormenting him after betraying and infecting his terminal ex-lover.

25. Viewer Discretion Advised (Tape 96) (2011)
Romance. Love Obsession. The lines blur...then the fragile romance between two Filipino American men.

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