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SwinginBalls - Marcus Rivers Bound And Plowed By Dom Ty
Tied UpBlindfoldAnalCondomJerked OffTattoosTwink
Released June 1, 2019

Help us celebrate our first year of Swinginballs! Our gift to you, our valued members, is an extra bonus video update each week in June.

Dom Ty is a straight dominant guy who likes to fool around with the occasional submissive guy. Here he has Sexy lil' Marcus Rivers in a blindfold with his mouth taped up, writhing on a sensuous fake fur bedspread. Marcus pumps his hips seductively each time Dom flogs him with his red leather cat o'nine tails. He even reaches up to glide his greedy fists along Dom's lubed-up cock. Dom gets him face-down, on hands and knees, and puts that slick cock to use, plowing it into Marcus' hungry butthole.

Marcus' cuffed hands grab a pillow as he's buffeted around by Dom Ty's rough pummeling. He's set free from the blindfold long enough to give his master a two-fisted handjob (with cuffs attached). Back on all fours, he gets his ass rammed again by the Dom's relentless woody. Hand action follows, then Marcus lies on the floor to get a sticky shower of Dom Ty's creamy load, and adds his own hot splash to the slippery, juicy mix.
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